Mahant-ji, Guardian of the Ganges
Photography by Patricio Estay - Text by Jasmin Sagna
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For 20 years, the man known as “Mahant-Ji” has been fighting to save “the world’s most sacred river”. Dr. Veer Bhadra, professor in hydro-engineering, has an important target: to fight for there not to be “a single drop of wastewater in the sacred waters of Benares.” His pursuit is reinforced by Swiss, Australian, and American funds. This Mahant (priest) of one of the main temples of the city always starts his day with a “sacred bath” in the river that receives 140 million litres of wastewater every day (source: government study). A man of faith and science, a foundation, a fight to defend the goddess Ganga, the Ganges River, and the Indian people… (More) ...
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