Maiti Nepal: Rescued Girls
Photography by Patricio Estay - Text by Claudio Santodirocco
Image ID: 065PE_NV - 45 photos
Maiti Nepal is a non-governmental Organisation founded by Anuradha Koirala in 1993 together with a group of professional social workers. The main objectives of the Association are to defend the rights of women who are victims of sexual exploitation and domestic violence, fight against child labour and every kind of abuse. The greatest challenge the Organisation has to face is to save young children who have been forced into prostitution by putting them into safe homes and helping them find alternative work. A large part of the Maiti Nepal project is aimed at protecting abandoned young boys and girls affected by HIV and Hepatitis B. Anouradha has found the strength and determination to fight against injustices against Nepalese women. Today many call here the “new Mother Theresa”. Modestly, she does not accept this comparison, but her work has earned her the nomination “CNN World hero 2010”.  (More) ...
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