Panama, The Country Between
Photography by Carlos Lujan - Text by Carlos Lujan
Image ID: 420CL_NV - 30 photos
Ever since the coasts were navigated for the first time in 1501 and colonized by Columbus on his fourth trip, Panama has had a very convulsive history. It was the scene of looting by the Spanish, and the greed of the Corsairs as well as being one of the major entrance points of black slaves in America which resulted in all pre-Columbian cultures being displaced and absorbed by the Isthmus. Scene of betrayal between Spanish colonists and also the tomb of the famous Sir Francis Drake, Panama achieved independence for the first time in 1821. Panama was to be integrated at a later stage by popular consensus into the “Great Columbia” which already included the states of Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador. In 1903 after a failed attempt on the part of French to build a canal across the Isthmus which would facilitate crossings from the Atlantic to the Pacific and vice versa, Panama once again became independent leaving the U.S. the job of constructing and managing the Canal. However on January 1st 2000 the Canal would return to Panamanian hands after several clashes and riots forced the Panamanians and Americans to sign a treaty completely transferring the Canal to Panama. (More) ...
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