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Afternoons in a Bullring
During the middle-ages it was a diversion for the aristocracy to torear (bullfight) on horse's back. This was called Suerte de Cañas. In the18th century this tradition was more or less abandoned, while the poorer population invented the bullfight by foot. Francisco Romero was a key-figure in laying the rules for the new sport, the Corrida. For its fans it is rather an art than a sport, representing...   see more »
Backlighting in Rome
The International Rome Film Festival...   see more »
Bienvenidos a Madrid!
All the intriguing faces of a city in evolution. Multiethnic, culture and movida (“action”). The slogan for the rebirth of Madrid is simple and dynamic. The Spanish capital city is enjoying a time of great cultural and economic growth. This slow and bureaucratic city which has always compared so unfavourably with lively Barcelona has made an about turn and now presents itself as one of the most intriguing...   see more »
Chinese Wedding in Tuscany
A Chinese wedding in Florence. Piazzale Michelangelo and Piazza del Duomo are the settings chosen for a special ceremony: a young Chinese couple residing in Tuscany are celebrating their marriage with family and friends. Elegant cars, smart clothes, confetti, flowers, a one-day photo and video shoot: no matter how expensive, everything is calculated to be at the top. The Chinese, this silent people...   see more »
Hidden in the dark corners of Valencia, a strange glimmer of worn yet vibrant costumes, signs and caravans shines around the faded big top of the Jamayca circus. A strange burst of colors and energy erupt an otherwise drab landscape, evoking a Felliniesque ambience of grotesque yet surreal characters who recite in a tragicomic drama. Far away from the romantic adventures of Zampanò, tragedy reigns...   see more »
EXIBITION: Tibet Land Of Exile
Patricio Estay, inspired by his meeting with Henri Cartier Bresson in Paris in 1986, started Tibet Land Of Exile, one of the most important projects in his career.
Patricio Estay’s eleven years work, “Tibet Land of Exile” is dedicated to the Dalai Lama; to the life and work of the Tibetan population in exile; to the school for refugee children created by Jetsun Pema, sister of His Holiness;...   see more »
Future Bullfighters
We all know what bullfighters are, but where do they come from? A long time ago, the most enterprising ones spontaneously jumped in the arena, risking their lives for one instant of glory while trying to catch the attention of a bullfight manager. Now all these boys and girls have the opportunity to learn and prove their value: today private and subsidized schools teach the practice and the theory...   see more »
Gurkhas, The Queen's Warriors
The Gurkhas are a unique unit in the Army with a reputation of being amongst the finest and most feared soldiers in the world. They are among the elite of the British army, and for more than 180 years. The Gurkhas, Nepalese warriors in the service of the Queen, have proven themselves in all combats, from the Sikh Wars to the Gulf and Afghanistan War. They train in the jungle of Borneo, learn to play...   see more »
Halloween in Florence
Halloween celebration at Auditorium La Flog in Florence. Italy. 2011....   see more »
Kabbalah For All
Rabbi Eliahu Ozrad combines the ancient traditions of the East with the mystical knowledge of the Kabbalah. His teachings and works as healer make the Kabbalah – once reserved for religious scholars, accessible to all that look for guidance in our increasingly complex world. Rabbi Eliahu Ozrad, a 55 years old spiritual guide living in Israel, brings the secret knowledge of the Kabbalah, the mystical...   see more »
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