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Bienvenidos a Madrid!
All the intriguing faces of a city in evolution. Multiethnic, culture and movida (“action”). The slogan for the rebirth of Madrid is simple and dynamic. The Spanish capital city is enjoying a time of great cultural and economic growth. This slow and bureaucratic city which has always compared so unfavourably with lively Barcelona has made an about turn and now presents itself as one of the most intriguing...   see more »
Chile, Land of Telescopes
The new planet discovered by researchers of La Silla (ESO) in Chile, is called Ogle-2005-Bgl-390Lb. It is five times larger than the earth and, out of all the planets that have been discovered during the last ten years, is the one most similar to our own. Researchers from ESO (European Southern Observatory) discovered the planet 20 thousand light years away, from a science-fiction like location hidden...   see more »
Florianopolis, Magic Island!
Florianopolis, which has a population of about 500,000 inhabitants, is the capital of the State of Santa Catarina. The city, divided into two, is located partly on the mainland and partly on the island in front – the large Ilha de Santa Catarina. The two parts of the city are linked by two bridges, one of which is the longest steel suspension bridge in Brazil. Florianopolis is a modern city characterized...   see more »
According to an ancient legend, the foundation of Istanbul dates back to 650 BC, when the Greek King Byzas decided to abandon his city Megera, searching for a new place, where he and his people could have began a new life. Byzas chose the spot after consulting an oracle of Delphi, who told him to settle across from the "land of the blind ones." Indeed, Byzas concluded, earlier settlers must have been...   see more »
Lord of the Bush
Noël Fullerton has reigned for forty years over the Northern Territory, whose most intimate secrets he knows inside and out. To discover his kingdom, there is only one possibility, a mehari journey, in a saddle ! Noel Fullerton cracks the barrel of his six-shooter after making sure no bullets were missing. “That’s just in case one of us breaks a leg ...” Cracking a big smile, tough to see under...   see more »
Mahant-ji, Guardian of the Ganges
For 20 years, the man known as “Mahant-Ji” has been fighting to save “the world’s most sacred river”. Dr. Veer Bhadra, professor in hydro-engineering, has an important target: to fight for there not to be “a single drop of wastewater in the sacred waters of Benares.” His pursuit is reinforced by Swiss, Australian, and American funds. This Mahant (priest) of one of the main temples of the city always...   see more »
No Surfing Day
Sunday. Someone order me not to vote. Someone ask to avoid getting waves. I ignore everybody: I vote and I go to Zarautz. Whenever I try to go into the water, the waves and the fear scotch me. Galerna at Cantabrian Sea. Eleven meters waves. Black clouds, empty streets and shred umbrellas, north wind. The calm not always come after the storm...   see more »
Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía of Valencia
Placed in the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (Arts and Sciences City) and designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava, the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía is an auditorium and one of the symbols of the new and monumental Valencia. From its inauguration, in October of 2005, this centre wants to become an avant-garde enclave for the scenic arts and to contribute to the diffusion of the culture and...   see more »
Panama, The Country Between
Ever since the coasts were navigated for the first time in 1501 and colonized by Columbus on his fourth trip, Panama has had a very convulsive history. It was the scene of looting by the Spanish, and the greed of the Corsairs as well as being one of the major entrance points of black slaves in America which resulted in all pre-Columbian cultures being displaced and absorbed by the Isthmus. Scene of...   see more »
S.P.Q.R. Walking in Rome
Our photographer Carlos Lujan, wanders in Rome showing us the "Eternal City" from a new, and surrealistic, point of view. Many people arrive in Rome full of information, images and stories which they have collected during their lifetime. The secret behind the charm of the eternal city is its thousand-year-old history and fascinating views… But it would be a mistake to consider Rome to be just a cultural...   see more »
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