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Paris Manif
Through his images, Patricio allows us to discover instants of solidarity and collectivity, immortalizing the intense effect that popular demonstrations have had on French society for the last 25 years. Portrayed with a hint a of bitter-sweet irony, Patricio’s long voyage through French democracy and rights culminates in a poetic yet somewhat surreal universe, charged with intense emotion, gaity and...   see more »
Rio Carnival
In Rio, Carnival is more than a party, it is an event that demands seven months of preparation ahead of time. This Carnival is famous all over the world, especially for the splendour of its parade, which now takes place in an arena dedicated to this purpose: the Sambadrome, a vast, overwhelming area. For almost two entire days, thousands of musicians, sumptuously dressed dancers in sparkling costumes,...   see more »
The Orthodox Easter
Syros, Archbishop of the Cycladic Islands, commemorates Holy Week, Megali Evdomada. Orthodox liturgies lead the people in commemorating the events of Holy Week, from Christ’s sentencing to the Resurrection. It is a week of catharsis, preparing worshippers to receive the New Light, a symbolic victory of life over death, and the Purification of the old world. From the Sunday before Easter,...   see more »
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