Manzo Simone (Nazca Pictures)
Born in Chieti in 1972, Simone Manzo approaches to photography in 2001, after graduating in Geological Science at the University of Bologna. Soon afterwards he begins to widen his knowledge of photographic technique partcipating in different workshops in Tuscany. He specializes in social and ethnographic reportages, with a particular interest for juvenil exploitation and prostitution and for the problematic conditions of children living in extreme neighbourhoods and in countries afflicted by heavy social uneasiness as Burma, Laos, Thailandia, Cuba, Brazil and Palestine. During the last years he has been collaborating with many national magazines as « Panorama », « Il Venerdì di Repubblica », « Grazia », « Week-End », « In Viaggio ». Now he is working on this great project of documentation and witnessing of the universe of minors obliged to grow up amid war, exploitation, abuse and violence all over the world.