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Clandestine Nights in Cuba
Havana, 9.30 pm: Our Cadillac, one of those famous American models from the 50s, drives along the Malecon seafront, headed for a secret destination. The plan for the evening: we're going to see an unusual, alternative, underground musical show, which is to be performed in an apartment on the outskirts of Habana Vieja. Mary Dalla, Naomi, Samantha De Monaco, Tina, Chantal and Estrellita Vidal, the stars...   see more »
Crazy Horse
The new owners of Crazy Horse had decided on a high-class revival of what had once been one of the most legendary places of Parisian nightlife. The nineteen Crazy Horse dancers are chosen according to strict requirements – they have to be between the ages of 18 and 26, between 1m. 66 and 1m.73 in height and their figure has to form a perfect figure of eight. They want to make Paris rediscovering...   see more »
Winner of OnAsia Photojournalism Contest 2011, Category Photo Essay

17 transgender live, act and sleep in a small theater complex. Every thursday and Saturday night the Ludruk show starts at 7pm; 15 cents of a euro it is the price of the ticket for a three hours show. An average of 15 spectators per show it is enough to make the Waria (how are called the transgender in Bahasa Indonesia)...   see more »
Tibet is Dying
For some years now Tibetan society has been going through an important period of change which can be seen most of all in the capital city of Lhasa. A new face of Tibet is emerging. Consumerism, which was brought in and spread by the Chinese invaders who even now are trying to make this state assimilate as much as possible the Chinese culture, has turned the Tibetans attention away from the spiritual values...   see more »
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