Clandestine Nights in Cuba
Photography by Patricio Estay - Text by Angela Tranfa
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Havana, 9.30 pm: Our Cadillac, one of those famous American models from the 50s, drives along the Malecon seafront, headed for a secret destination. The plan for the evening: we're going to see an unusual, alternative, underground musical show, which is to be performed in an apartment on the outskirts of Habana Vieja. Mary Dalla, Naomi, Samantha De Monaco, Tina, Chantal and Estrellita Vidal, the stars of the evening, form part of one of Cuba's most famous Drag Queen acts. We had the rare fortune of watching one of their performances, thanks to the personal introduction of a gay friend, and were allowed a glimpse into a covert world hidden far away from normal Cuban life. (More) ...
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