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Ice Adventures
Stuck in a fold of the Andes mountain range, “Hielo Continental Patagonico”, the South American ice dome is the third-largest ice mass in the world (22,500 km2). Fascinated by the world of ice, Choisik Dumas, a young French explorer, set herself the goal of walking across the glacier. Our photographic reporter, Patricio Estay followed her for his first contact with this land of ice. During these 130...   see more »
Inbio, the researchers' Eden
In Costa Rica, the tiny Central American country in a paradise of tropical forest, the protection of the natural heritage has become an avant-garde fight. Inside a unique organisation, the National Institute of Biodiversity (Institut National de Biodiversité, INBIO), nearly 200 men and women work to build the noblest of libraries on the knowledge of nature. Every day, these “Eden researchers” collect,...   see more »
Lord of the Bush
Noël Fullerton has reigned for forty years over the Northern Territory, whose most intimate secrets he knows inside and out. To discover his kingdom, there is only one possibility, a mehari journey, in a saddle ! Noel Fullerton cracks the barrel of his six-shooter after making sure no bullets were missing. “That’s just in case one of us breaks a leg ...” Cracking a big smile, tough to see under...   see more »
Mikimoto, King of Pearls
Mikimoto’s jewels have decorated crowned heads all over the world : Queen Elizabeth of England, Princess Grace of Monaco, The Queen of Sweden, The Royal Family of Spain and The Imperial Family of Japan. Pearls already fascinated Babylon, Buddhist Tibet, Ancient China and the first Christians. In the 19th century, they fascinated a Japanese man, son of a modest noodle merchant from the Shima coast,...   see more »
New Wild Sea
Naples coast sea pollution from Castelvolturno to Pozzuoli has been filed away. The depuration system in Cuma is not working as it should, throwing into the sea every kind of rubbish. Naples beaches are apocalyptic places covered by abandoned dust and stray dog moving through it. This is certainly one of the biggest Italian environmental disaster surely ignored as its land, the south of Italy....   see more »
No Surfing Day
Sunday. Someone order me not to vote. Someone ask to avoid getting waves. I ignore everybody: I vote and I go to Zarautz. Whenever I try to go into the water, the waves and the fear scotch me. Galerna at Cantabrian Sea. Eleven meters waves. Black clouds, empty streets and shred umbrellas, north wind. The calm not always come after the storm...   see more »
Take a walk through the oceans, see penguins and tropical fish, great white sharks and igloos without leaving Europe. All this is possible at L’Oceanografic in Valencia, Spain, the largest aquarium in Europe. The magnificent and amazing building covers an area of one hundred thousand square metres on two levels divided into ten different themed zones. The habitats on display are the Mediterranean...   see more »
S.O.S Red Tuna
Since the reform of the EU Common Fisheries Policy in 2002, effort has been devoted to addressing the governance, scientific, social and economic issues required to introduce an ecosystem approach to European marine fisheriesin order to restore fish resources. Red tuna or Thunnus Thynnus is one of the species threatened by overexploitation. Fisherman vs. fish; one’s survival depends on the other’s…...   see more »
S.O.S Thai Elephants
The elephant plays an important part in worship for Buddhists and yet it is nothing more than a working instrument or something used for man’s pleasure. Under the pretext of protecting this animal the Thai government has been financing special elephant festivals and has permitted the existent of tourist centres where elephants are trained and used, while at the same time it has closed an eye to...   see more »
Summer in Castiglione della Pescaia
Blessed by the wonderful landscapes of the Maremma countryside and surrounded by the evocative archaeological ruins of Vetulonia and Roselle, Castiglione della Pescaia stands out on the top of it’s amazing hill, overlooking the blue sea. The historical centre boasts very ancient origins and a glorious history, dating back to the times of the Etruscan and the Roman Empires, whose tracks are preserved...   see more »
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