Lord of the Bush
Photography by Patricio Estay - Text by Arno Formal
Image ID: 013PE - 59 photos
Noël Fullerton has reigned for forty years over the Northern Territory, whose most intimate secrets he knows inside and out. To discover his kingdom, there is only one possibility, a mehari journey, in a saddle ! Noel Fullerton cracks the barrel of his six-shooter after making sure no bullets were missing. “That’s just in case one of us breaks a leg ...” Cracking a big smile, tough to see under his long white patriarchal beard, the old australian jokes around while checking the equipment in his saddle. This malicious 65-year old sprightly man is the owner of Camel Outback Safaris, a farm lost in the middle of the desert, 90 kilometers south of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. Famous throughout Australia, he has been organizing expeditions for nearly forty years to help others discover the outback, or rather “his outback”. Tourists unafraid of a bum tortured by the daily eight-hour outings, perched upon camels (dromedaries to be exact). (More) ...
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