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Desert Sentries
Responsible for the entire territory and the humanitarian aid for the Border populations , they are also present in the conflicts tearing the country apart, in the Punjab and Kashmir. The BSF, Border Security Force, is considered the biggest paramilitary force in the world. In Rajasthan, they are the heirs to the legendary Bikaneri Camel Corp, which faithfully served the British Crown during the main...   see more »
Gilboa Military Prison
EXCLUSIVE... Bet She'an is a small Israeli town in the valley of the same name, south of lake Tiberiade. It's one of those places that history, in the grand sense, would never really take an interest in, but recently even a small town like Bet She'an now has a story to tell and, consequently, a place in history. Bet She'an is one of those (none) places where the West, which loves to think of itself...   see more »
Gurkhas, The Queen's Warriors
The Gurkhas are a unique unit in the Army with a reputation of being amongst the finest and most feared soldiers in the world. They are among the elite of the British army, and for more than 180 years. The Gurkhas, Nepalese warriors in the service of the Queen, have proven themselves in all combats, from the Sikh Wars to the Gulf and Afghanistan War. They train in the jungle of Borneo, learn to play...   see more »
Military Girls
Israel is compelled to defend itself both within its national boundaries and abroad, and women play a fundamental role in the security and defence of the state. Some years ago they took part in the evacuation of the colonies during the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank (Cisgiordania)....   see more »
Palestina's children
Israel and Palestine are two nations forever entangled in a seemingly endless conflict. On the Gaza Strip live 1,200,000 Palestinians, but 42% of the territory is still under exclusive Israeli military control. From the 1948 war to the Six Day War of 1967, from the Intifada to today, the Middle East has never ceased to be a land soaked in blood. Even if throughout the world there are laws which...   see more »
Sri Lanka Refugees
Sri Lanka has been torn by a bloody, ethnic war that has now gone on for the past 25 years, fought between the Sinhalese government majority and the Tamil minority, within which various Tamil groups have joined together to form the militant group known as the “Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam” (LTTE). In 2001, after years of fighting, the Tamil Tigers and the government signed an official Ceasefire...   see more »
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