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Chile, Land of Telescopes
The new planet discovered by researchers of La Silla (ESO) in Chile, is called Ogle-2005-Bgl-390Lb. It is five times larger than the earth and, out of all the planets that have been discovered during the last ten years, is the one most similar to our own. Researchers from ESO (European Southern Observatory) discovered the planet 20 thousand light years away, from a science-fiction like location hidden...   see more »
Inbio, the researchers' Eden
In Costa Rica, the tiny Central American country in a paradise of tropical forest, the protection of the natural heritage has become an avant-garde fight. Inside a unique organisation, the National Institute of Biodiversity (Institut National de Biodiversité, INBIO), nearly 200 men and women work to build the noblest of libraries on the knowledge of nature. Every day, these “Eden researchers” collect,...   see more »
Nazca's Secrets
A fascinating and mysterious civilisation. A series of incredible geoglyphs, lines crossing the desert for several kilometres long and enormous drawings on the ground – these are the Nazca lines! The Nazca civilisation has left the world more than 1000 years of heritage, a precious heritage partially yet to be discovered and still carefully examined. For this reason, every year an international...   see more »
Take a walk through the oceans, see penguins and tropical fish, great white sharks and igloos without leaving Europe. All this is possible at L’Oceanografic in Valencia, Spain, the largest aquarium in Europe. The magnificent and amazing building covers an area of one hundred thousand square metres on two levels divided into ten different themed zones. The habitats on display are the Mediterranean...   see more »
Opal Hunters
Alice Springs is only 690 km to the north of Adelaide. Between the two of them is Coober Pedy, world capital of the opal, providing for 80% of the world's production. A curtain of dust rises in the breeze in an unchanging and inhospitable scenery, but shaped by the hand of man, within the rules of art. Those of prospecting: a miner never refills a hole that has just been dug. Coober Pedy has already...   see more »
Stradivarius' Heirs
Cremona, famous for its violins since the sixteenth century, is today considered the international centre of stringed instruments. Students from all over the world: Japan, Canada, Hungary, Switzerland, U.S.A. attend the five-year course at the “Scuola Internazionale di Liuteria” to become Stradivarius’heirs. Often, after having finished their studies, they move to this charming town to open their...   see more »
Valencia, the capital of the Valencian Community located on the coast of Balearic Sea, in the South-East of Spain, is today one of the most important Spanish city. Actually, the city represents the undiscussed scenery of a new and effervescent cultural wave that involves all the country and crosses the border, thus spreading all over the Europe. In Valencia, futurism and antiquity merge with each...   see more »
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