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Lorry Drivers
The progress in communications has become an efficient tool for the “globalisation” –we live in a world without “borders or boundaries“—and the increase and perfection of transports, together with other factors, make this possible, the “globalisation” phenomenon: a unique economic system around the world, distinguished by the Internationalisation of Trade –everywhere in the world we receive the same...   see more »
Naturism in Paris
France, with its 136 clubs and associations, and 83 holiday centers, is a welcoming country for naturists. Indeed France, every summer, has a turn over of two millions national and foreigner adepts. If the "naturism" philosophy can be exercised it does not matter where; nudity, on the other hand, is an activity which needs a special environment. Looking from this perspective, naturism and urbanism,...   see more »
Satanic Sects
There are about eight thousand Satanic sects in Italy, with more than six hundred thousand followers. Thousands of new cults and religions connected to charismatic figures can be added to this number. There are many ways of joining – through Internet, in Gothic music shops or at meetings disguised as parties – but it is not so easy to get out. It is an underground world that now and again comes to...   see more »
Wanny Di Filippo - Il Bisonte
Wanny Di Filippo, founder and designer of Il Bisonte. Eclectic soul of the brand, curious, imaginative and open-minded. Passionate collector of bisons. “I have always been fascinated by the image of peace and strength that bisons convey”: these are the words of Wanny Di Filippo, a fashion designer and entrepreneur, the very soul of the Il Bisonte trademark, a prestigious trademark of leather goods,...   see more »
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