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Cuba Forever
Cuba, the beautiful island stretched out in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the world’s second largest tourist destination, resounding to the beat of the rumba and perfumed with tobacco and rum, is where the revolutionary experiment took concrete form. The Utopian project of creating an egalitarian society according to Marxist-Leninist principles unfortunately remained an illusory hope, contradicted...   see more »
Gush Katif without return
The palms are tossing their heads in the wind on the white sands of the shore, a kind of whiteness no longer to be found on the shore strip of Israel; they create an illusion of tropical landscape. From a distance the view is enchanting, but only to those capable of successfully skipping over the sight of the dreadfully wretched huts situated on the sides of the road that leads from the Gaza settlement...   see more »
Land of exile
The result of six years’ work, “Land of Exile” is dedicated to the Dalai Lama; to the life and work of the Tibetan population in exile; to the school for refugee children created by Jetsun Pema, sister of His Holiness; to the young exiled monks who have found a new home in the monasteries of Dharamsala; and to the pilgrims who come to celebrate the holiday of Losar, the Tibetan New Year. This reportage...   see more »
Land of Exile (2°Part)
EXCLUSIVE... On February 22nd 1940, Tenzin Gyatso is awarded temporal and spiritual leader of Tibetans and becomes the fourteenth Dalai Lama. As a result of six years work, the report “ Land of Exile” is all dedicated to Dalai Lama. In occasion of his 70th birthday, thanks to an unforgettable reportage of 25 days, spent in Dharamsala (India), we succeeded in gathering information about the history,...   see more »
Lhasa by Night
Since 1995 the introduction of prostitution on a wide scale has occurred in Tibet. Lhasa is a large bordello with more than 2,000 brothels, and there are more than 10,000 prostitutes. In Shigatse, the second most important city in the region, with eighty thousand inhabitants, it seems that there are more brothels than churches. Sexual exploitation of women has added further to the increase in violence...   see more »
Naples Rubbish Crisis
Tons of rubbish were set alight by residents in Naples frustrated by the dramatic situation afflicting the city since years and years. There was also a lack of firemen for the many fires all over the city. Officials have warned of a risk of toxic smoke. Local dumps are completely full; refuse collectors have nowhere to take the rubbish, piles of trash are spread along the streets since 15 days. Several...   see more »
Palestina's children
Israel and Palestine are two nations forever entangled in a seemingly endless conflict. On the Gaza Strip live 1,200,000 Palestinians, but 42% of the territory is still under exclusive Israeli military control. From the 1948 war to the Six Day War of 1967, from the Intifada to today, the Middle East has never ceased to be a land soaked in blood. Even if throughout the world there are laws which...   see more »
Panama, The Country Between
Ever since the coasts were navigated for the first time in 1501 and colonized by Columbus on his fourth trip, Panama has had a very convulsive history. It was the scene of looting by the Spanish, and the greed of the Corsairs as well as being one of the major entrance points of black slaves in America which resulted in all pre-Columbian cultures being displaced and absorbed by the Isthmus. Scene of...   see more »
Paris Manif
Through his images, Patricio allows us to discover instants of solidarity and collectivity, immortalizing the intense effect that popular demonstrations have had on French society for the last 25 years. Portrayed with a hint a of bitter-sweet irony, Patricio’s long voyage through French democracy and rights culminates in a poetic yet somewhat surreal universe, charged with intense emotion, gaity and...   see more »
Rocinha' s smile
La Rocinha has recently become an official neighbourhood of Rio de Jainero, with 200.000 inhabitants. It is the biggest and most developed favela of all South America. Year after year La Rocinha has become a neuralgic center for drug dealing and arms smuggling and it is a real hell of mitres, cocaine, armed groups and illegal gambling places. In a place where tension and violence are part of ordinary...   see more »
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