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Fuster : The People's Artist
The presence of Jose' Fuster can be felt even before reaching his house in Jaimanitas, a small fishing village near La Havana. The exuberance, the colours and the irony of the artist have influenced the whole neighbourhood, doning light to its inhabitants. The painter, engraver and potter, was born in 1946 in Caibarien, in the province of Villa Clara, and studied at "La Escuela para Instructores de...   see more »
Land of exile
The result of six years’ work, “Land of Exile” is dedicated to the Dalai Lama; to the life and work of the Tibetan population in exile; to the school for refugee children created by Jetsun Pema, sister of His Holiness; to the young exiled monks who have found a new home in the monasteries of Dharamsala; and to the pilgrims who come to celebrate the holiday of Losar, the Tibetan New Year. This reportage...   see more »
Mahant-ji, Guardian of the Ganges
For 20 years, the man known as “Mahant-Ji” has been fighting to save “the world’s most sacred river”. Dr. Veer Bhadra, professor in hydro-engineering, has an important target: to fight for there not to be “a single drop of wastewater in the sacred waters of Benares.” His pursuit is reinforced by Swiss, Australian, and American funds. This Mahant (priest) of one of the main temples of the city always...   see more »
Mikimoto, King of Pearls
Mikimoto’s jewels have decorated crowned heads all over the world : Queen Elizabeth of England, Princess Grace of Monaco, The Queen of Sweden, The Royal Family of Spain and The Imperial Family of Japan. Pearls already fascinated Babylon, Buddhist Tibet, Ancient China and the first Christians. In the 19th century, they fascinated a Japanese man, son of a modest noodle merchant from the Shima coast,...   see more »
The Fishermen
During last summer, professional fishing has been affected by a major crisis, due to oil prices and resulted in violent demonstrations in Bruxelles. Undoubtedly, not a very pleasant situation for a class of workers whose income is anyway decided by luck and weather conditions. Nowadays, after an exhausting day of work, sometimes they go back home with nothing more than 20 euros: it is not enough to...   see more »
The Magician's Eye
"To understand history, you have to keep a certain form of innocence. My only secret has been to take my time and, most of all, to take time for living with people … and also to know how to forget about myself. " – Henri Cartier Bresson--...   see more »
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