Ice Adventures
Photography by Patricio Estay - Text by Choisik Dumas
Image ID: 017PE_NV - 62 photos
Stuck in a fold of the Andes mountain range, “Hielo Continental Patagonico”, the South American ice dome is the third-largest ice mass in the world (22,500 km2). Fascinated by the world of ice, Choisik Dumas, a young French explorer, set herself the goal of walking across the glacier. Our photographic reporter, Patricio Estay followed her for his first contact with this land of ice. During these 130 kilometers of walking, they were able to discover the unwonted and rebellious nature particular to Patagonia. Against winds at 140 km/hour, snowslides and crossing a temperamental terrain, they courageously and patiently reached this icy vastness. “In order to understand this country, you have to look at it through the eyes of someone who must die there,” (Jean Raspail). (More) ...
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