S.O.S Red Tuna
Photography by Patricio Estay - Text by Audrey Setbon
Image ID: 045PE_NV - 60 photos
Since the reform of the EU Common Fisheries Policy in 2002, effort has been devoted to addressing the governance, scientific, social and economic issues required to introduce an ecosystem approach to European marine fisheriesin order to restore fish resources. Red tuna or Thunnus Thynnus is one of the species threatened by overexploitation. Fisherman vs. fish; one’s survival depends on the other’s… Consumed increasingly, tuna has become the victim of its own success, and its stock is dropping at an alarming speed. France and Spain are its main fishers, while Japan is its main consumer. Earlier this year, two Japanese sushi bars paid a record $104,000 for a single, 128-kilogram tuna. Bluefin tuna fishing in the Atlantic will be reduced nearly 40 percent in 2010, but will that be enough to save this threatened species from extinction? (More) ...
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