Gay Parade in Holy Land
Photography by Simone Manzo - Text by Mario Nocelli
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Freedom has always had very high prices: exile, infamy, torture… prices paid by those who really believed in what they were doing with unforeseen but greatly appreciated achievements. That way last week West Jerusalem held its gay parade with a total victory (virgins and booty). Four years ago Tel Aviv, with its incomparably more tolerant spirit, supported the event; the same year such a march wasn’t possible in Jerusalem, as the guardians of divine justice didn’t allow it, following a heated protest by Orthodox. After four years we can say that waiting didn’t prove useless: Israeli government has allowed the holding of the parade and this fact takes a meaning with an exponential echo if we think that such an event held in Jerusalem is like holding it in the Vatican City. There were obviously even in this case bitter controversies full of clashes, violence and injured people… some prices are never sale ones. Anyway all this hasn’t influenced the happy festival of music and colour that has accompanied the whole parade in which they tried to show the will, the duty and the rights of gays all over the world. For those who believe in it, the sky is always bluer…  (More) ...
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