Bienvenidos a Madrid!
Photography by Carlos Lujan - Text by Alessandro Tommasi
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All the intriguing faces of a city in evolution. Multiethnic, culture and movida (“action”). The slogan for the rebirth of Madrid is simple and dynamic. The Spanish capital city is enjoying a time of great cultural and economic growth. This slow and bureaucratic city which has always compared so unfavourably with lively Barcelona has made an about turn and now presents itself as one of the most intriguing European realities with its mixture of tradition and modernism. Now, side by side with the grandeur of Palacio Real or the prestigious Do Prado, a clever architectural renovation has contributed towards bringing to life one of the liveliest areas of the city. Therefore, between Lavapies and the Chueca quarter, the re-movida has begun, and there is a new wave of hearty enthusiasm in the bars and streets of the city late into the night. (More) ...
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