Cow Parade in Florence
Photography by Carmit Hassine - Text by Alberto Sabatini
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The “Cow Parade” is a travelling, contemporary art exhibition. Its object is a herd of colourful and extravagant cows. Since 1998 they, the cows, have been travelling around the world. They have been created by the sculptor Pascal Knapp, with the double intention of both reviving the city centre of Zurich and of giving the proceeds of their sale by auction to charity. They started from the Swiss town and have been exhibited in big cities, such as Tokyo, New York, Sidney, London, Prague, Moscow and many other ones. As final destination, it had been chosen Florence, the only Italian stop, where they have been welcomed in October 2005. On Tuesday, 21st February, Cow Parade 2006 ended with the auction sale of all the works. The proceeds, more than 273 thousand euros, have been allocated in charity, for the realization of the new Meyer Children’s Hospital in Florence.  (More) ...
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