ADIOS ! Comandante Fidel
Photography by Patricio Estay
Image ID: 089PE - 33 photos
Today the Lider Maximo Fidel Castro Ruz is dead at the age of 90 years. This reportage is the result of 9 years reporting and witnessing socio-cultural approach of Cuban reality. This allowed me to testify the strong and controversial personality of the Lider Maximo through a series of images during his political speeches and in his daily life as a man of the Revolution. While suffering from number of severe illnesses, on July 31, 2006, Castro delegated all his powers to his brother Raul Castro. The powers included were that of President of the Council of state, President of the Council of Ministers, First Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party and the post of commander in chief of the armed forces.  (More) ...
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