Fidel Castro's LEGACY
Photography by Patricio Estay - Text by Patricio Estay
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Today the Lider Maximo Fidel Castro Ruz is dead at the age of 90 years. This reportage is the result of 9 years reporting and witnessing socio-cultural approach of Cuban reality. It began in 1972, while participating in a group of volunteers to help the "Zafra", sugar cane harvest. I discovered the strength of Cuban idealism reinforced by the spirt of the “continuous spread” Revolution new values. It 's a journey through the different periods of the most important political and social transitions of the country, told with images that reflect its everyday life' and its contradictions. It is a unique photographic testimony on the spirit of the Cuban people inspired by their suffering, their strength but also their extraordinary pleasure of living represented by their use of Salsa and Cigar, but without ever forgetting the socio-political weight of the central military power which forces Cubans to almost total submission. (More) ...
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