Auschwitz: lest we forget
Photography by Simone Manzo - Text by Simone Manzo
Image ID: 191SM_NV - 40 photos
In occasion of Memorial Day, a feature to remember one of the most tragic moments of the history. This year sees the 61th anniversary of one of the most tragic chapters in human history: the Holocaust. On April 27th 1940, Heinrich Himmler, the German Chief of Police and head of the SS, ordered the construction of the most notorious Nazi concentration camp near Oswiecim, Poland: Auschwitz. When finished, the complex consisted of three camps, divided into 45 units; the crematoria and gas chambers were located in Auschwitz II-Birkenau. From March 1942 until the liberation by Soviet troops on January 27th 1945, trains bearing thousands upon thousands of Jews from all over occupied Europe arrived at Auschwitz-Birkenau station and were unloaded onto what became known as 'The Ramp'. (More) ...
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