The Forgotten Heart of Africa
Photography by Ronald De Hommel - Text by Ronald de Hommel
(Central African Republic)
Image ID: 474RDH_NV - 42 photos
While Chad, Sudan and the DRC attract regular media attention the Central African Republic (CAR) seems to be completely forgotten. This country, the size of France, suffers from a decade long civil war. More than a 100 thousand people have fled the violence in their villages. They live virtually unprotected in the bush. Travel is extremely difficult due to the constant violence and banditry throughout the whole country. Our photojournalist Ronald de Hommel spent a few weeks tracking some displaced people into the bush. What he found was total destitution. People have been living for years in small huts far from the main roads, trying to survive on the food they manage to hunt or grow on small patches of land. They have no access to basic medical care, clean water or education. Those that did return to their villages or towns live in constant fear. Any rumours of the army approaching are enough to send people running in the middle of the night. (More) ...
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