Photography by Patricio Estay - Text by Patricio Estay
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In India, the Seventh Art has aroused, from its birth, a veritable passion. The first film projection was held in 1896 in Bombay. India is now the first worldwide producer of films, with three big centres: Bombay (Hindi language movies), Calcutta—the region of Satyajit Ray—(in Bengali) and Madras (films in Tamul). From the north to the south of Indian subcontinent, the multiple faces of Indian cinema have been shaped by its cultural, religious and ethnic diversity. Each state and each region has given a unique contribution to Indian cinema, bringing its own traditions, language and folklore. This passion has been diffused everywhere by Aishwarya Rai and her beauty. Aishwarya, ex Miss India, is the most famous Indian actress in the world. This feature takes us in an extraordinary excursion behind the scenes of this industry of dreams and around its brightest stars.  (More) ...
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