Kabbalah For All
Photography by Carmit Hassine - Text by Verena Obarrauch
Image ID: 435CH_NV_ - 36 photos
Rabbi Eliahu Ozrad combines the ancient traditions of the East with the mystical knowledge of the Kabbalah. His teachings and works as healer make the Kabbalah – once reserved for religious scholars, accessible to all that look for guidance in our increasingly complex world. Rabbi Eliahu Ozrad, a 55 years old spiritual guide living in Israel, brings the secret knowledge of the Kabbalah, the mystical discipline of Judaism, to all. Normally, the teachings of the Kabbalah are reserved to a small circle of religious scholars, who have earned their right to access the most sacred wisdom through years of studying the Torah. In orthodox tradition, women are not allowed to study the Kabbalah.  (More) ...
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