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Mourning the Pope 3
Tens of thousands of mourners of all ages and from all nations continue to gather in St Peter's Square to express their admiration and affection for Pope John Paul II, who died on Saturday. Many have left flowers, photos, candles and handwritten prayers in the square as tributes, while others offer only tears. More votive offerings arrive with every passing minute. A charismatic figure in life,...   see more »
Nazca's Secrets
A fascinating and mysterious civilisation. A series of incredible geoglyphs, lines crossing the desert for several kilometres long and enormous drawings on the ground – these are the Nazca lines! The Nazca civilisation has left the world more than 1000 years of heritage, a precious heritage partially yet to be discovered and still carefully examined. For this reason, every year an international...   see more »
Satanic Sects
There are about eight thousand Satanic sects in Italy, with more than six hundred thousand followers. Thousands of new cults and religions connected to charismatic figures can be added to this number. There are many ways of joining – through Internet, in Gothic music shops or at meetings disguised as parties – but it is not so easy to get out. It is an underground world that now and again comes to...   see more »
The Orthodox Easter
Syros, Archbishop of the Cycladic Islands, commemorates Holy Week, Megali Evdomada. Orthodox liturgies lead the people in commemorating the events of Holy Week, from Christ’s sentencing to the Resurrection. It is a week of catharsis, preparing worshippers to receive the New Light, a symbolic victory of life over death, and the Purification of the old world. From the Sunday before Easter,...   see more »
The Procession Of Mysteries
During Easter holidays there are more than three thousand living shows taking place along the streets of different Italian places. This is a good time to meet people and there are a lot of religious rituals, festivities and sacred representations from the North to the South of the whole peninsula. All these rituals originate from old traditions. On Good Friday in Procida, it takes place “the Procession...   see more »
The School of Hope
On March 17, 1959, His Holiness the Dalai Lama fled to Dharamsala, India, where he established the Tibetan government in exile. On May 17, 1960, Thubten Ninji, the Dalai Lama’s emissary, returned from the Jammu encampment with 51 children. The Dalai Lama then established “ the first day-care for refugee children” fully supported by her sister Jetsun Pema since 1964. Eleven years later, this initiative...   see more »
Tibet is Dying
For some years now Tibetan society has been going through an important period of change which can be seen most of all in the capital city of Lhasa. A new face of Tibet is emerging. Consumerism, which was brought in and spread by the Chinese invaders who even now are trying to make this state assimilate as much as possible the Chinese culture, has turned the Tibetans attention away from the spiritual values...   see more »
Tibetan Monks Diaspora
The Tibetan Diaspora number is estimated at up to 150,000 refugees...

Based on 11 trips to Dharamsala, India & Tibet between 1999 and 2016. "Tibetan Diaspora Monks" is part of the greater Tibet Land of Exile Project.
Patricio Estay, inspired by his experience as a political exiled and by his meeting with Henri Cartier Bresson in 1986 in Paris, started Tibet Land Of Exile,...   see more »
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